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Greenvale Vineyards, Mermaid Masterpieces to Host Kids Paint Party

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — Greenvale Vineyards and Mermaid Masterpieces will host a special event described as “A Bottle of Wine. A Food truck. And A Paint party for kids” this Friday. Find out more information here.

The event will be held Friday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Greenvale Vineyards. Tickets are $25. To buy a ticket, click here.

From Greenvale Vineyards:

This past Friday at Greenvale went so well that we’ve decided to do it again!!

Becky from Mermaid Masterpieces will be at Greenvale showing your kids step by step how to paint their own Masterpieces!

Just so we’re all on the same page, Becky just won Newport Life Magazines, Best of Newport 2020 “Best Date Night” AND “Best Family Activity”…I’m pretty sure this event is a combo of both!? ???

Your ticket includes the paint party for one child! You’ll walk into the vineyard a few minutes prior to your child’s start time, lay out a towel for them behind an empty canvas

..then you’ll be able to purchase your wine, so you can immediately go relax! There will be a food truck there as well, and beautiful background music by Killian Instrumental Voyages (my dad!)…legit perfection.

We recommend that as soon as you purchase your tickets, you call to make reservations so you can get a table! People have been having SUCH an excellent time though, so just to double make sure you’ve got a place to sit…bring beach chairs!!

Relax! Social distance! Eat! Safely drink! Be merry! Laugh! Enjoy the beauty! Feel that awesome energy… Ahhhh!! It’s fabulous!!!


Here’s the email I sent out for last night’s party and it truly helped make things smooth..I’m adding a few pointers to make it go even better. I know you understand why I am really breaking this all down, we can’t be too careful!Check this out please!

1. You will want to call Greenvale to reserve a table. (401)847-3777. I would bring a blanket and beach chairs just to double make sure you’ve got a place to sit and relax! (**people are loving sitting and relaxing together outside, I’m worried they’ll enjoy too much and not want to leave their table ??‍

haha! I just want everyone happy!!)

2. Please bring your child a Towel or blanket to sit on. Each child needs their own because paint supplies can not be moved closer to each other – I need to keep these kids apart!! Even siblings, I don’t want other kids seeing them close and thinking they can be close to friends if that make sense?

3. Upon arrival, there’s someone to seat you at your table and there’s someone to point you towards me (up the hill on the right, by the music) I would recommend one adult gets the table and the other walks the child(Ren) up to me! I regret that I need you to just come up, check in, grab your bottle of wine, lay out your childs blanket (and help them put on their smock if needed) and leave the entertainment up to me, while you go back to your table to enjoy the wine, pizza, music and relaxation! You’ll always be able to see us! I just need to make sure we’re staying socially distant, plus if you know me, you know I think hovering parents ruin the experience for the kids!! I get it! You want to watch, please enjoy from a distance! I want EVERYONE to enjoy!! That includes the kids!!

***cover the kids up!! It’s direct sunlight up there! Sunscreen, hats, Light shirts, tick spray…and a BOTTLE OF WATER!!!! (I need this advice too lol)

***if you don’t want your child in that live video or any photos please let me know as I seat you so I can make sure they’re out of the picture!

4. I Unfortunatly will not be able to chat too much until it’s all over, which you know KILLS me!! I just need to keep things running smooth and make sure it’s all set up and keeping people apart. I will have assistants around that will be able to chat more than I. Obviously if you need to speak to me I’m all ears though!

5. So many of your kids know me, and normally love to give me the best hugs (if you can’t tell by now this is a bulk email.. Some of you have never met me and are like… Huh? Haha)… Obviously you know and they know we’re social distancing. I’ll have a mask on. They should have masks on…. But no hugs! However! I’m totally down to kick feet!! So let them know that! Some kids get so pumped when they see me, it’s the best! Tell them if they’re so excited, they can come kick my feet. Lol

6. Please explain to the kids that they can’t move their canvases to make sure they’re in the right spot (I will too) and that they need to stay on their towel… And we’re just going to have so much fun!! Obviously we don’t want to scare them… We’ll just say it’s they’re special seat only.

7. If you really need to watch, please stay in the back. You’ll be able to see! Kids have so much fun when they feel free! I promise they’ll be happy and so will you!

8. Speaking of YOU! Wine is for sale in the tasting room and a bar by the music. There will be a food truck, keep an eye open for which one… I’ll post this week! There’s awesome rumors of which one, but I’m not saying yet!

9. Masterpieces. I’ll have the kids put them on the side of the hill so you can grab them as you leave so they’re not carrying wet paintings everywhere unless you want them to! These are different canvases than normal, I opted for “boards” so if they wanted to put it in their lap they can…so they’re a little harder to carry until they’re dry.

10. Each party is approx 45 minutes.. these kids do great staying put for that long… It’s magical!! Once they’re done, please come escort your child back to where you’re hanging out if you’re still enjoying yourselves. There will be a paint brush and mini palette, just leave them and I’ll dispose of them! (or you can take them, it’s up to you!)

11. I want you all to enjoy! Please be patient, this is the second time we’re doing this with the kids in the field! I want this smooth, that’s why I’m sending this to you all! The staff at Greenvale is excellent. The food truck staff is excellent. The band is excellent (and guitar player is my dad! Say hi! )… I’m excellent and you’re excellent! The weather is supposed to be perfect and we’re gonna have a blast!!!

Thank you for joining my second social distancing party! This’ll be great!!!

Also thank you for reading my novel. Just doing my best to keep us safe and entertained!!

Any questions please message me on facebook.com/mermaidmasterpieces – I’m terrible with emails!

Go make your reservations!!!

See you later!

Love, Becky!

Ps! I’ll have my book with me for sale!!