Adopted shelter dog to join Maryland police force

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. — “IT HAPPENED!” announced the Potter League for Animals Tuesday after a German shepherd named Bella was adopted by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services K9 Unit. 

“IT HAPPENED! It really happened!,” wrote the animal shelter of Newport County on Facebook. “Bella landed herself a job as a detection dog! She has been adopted by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services K9 Unit! And here she is with her new handler Sergeant Abbas.”

“Wow. That is about the only word we can use to sum up the emotions we are all feeling here; staff & volunteers alike,” wrote the Potter League staff. “We are wowed by all of your support and help in getting her seen. We are wowed by this 40 person K9 unit lead by CO Major Mark Flynn that is mostly made up of shelter dogs! And we are wowed in how excited and proud we are for Bella and the service she will be providing to the state of Maryland.

“Congratulations to Bella & Sgt. Abbas. Good luck in training and THANK YOU! We are looking forward to her graduation. Did we mention they invited staff to come & we are totally going.. road trip!

“P.S. Is this not so unbelievably amazing!?
“P.P.S. We’re willing to overlook the Orioles hat just this once!”

Bella is female and about a year old. 

Meet Bella, our adoptable dog of the week. Bella, a large German shepherd, is currently available for adoption at the Potter League for Animals. 

Featured below is the Facebook post announcing the adoption. 

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