Portsmouth to pay $70K to repair Bristol ferry dock

A water main break on West Main Road, south of Union Street, Thursday resulted in lane closures late Thursday and on Friday.

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The Portsmouth Town Council approved a proposal Monday to pay $70,000 to repair the Bristol dock used for the Prudence Island Ferry, according to The Portsmouth Times

The payment is part of a 3-part agreement to repair the Bristol ferry dock (the landing dock for the Prudence Island ferry, the only ferry to Prudence Island).

In exchange for costs for ferry dock repairs, Portsmouth can continue to use the ferry dock in Bristol for another 15 years, according to a memorandum written by Town Administrator Richard A. Rainer Jr.

The entire agreement, which allows use of the dock by any ferry service in the future, can be read in its entirety here

A&R Marine, current operators for the Prudence Island Ferry, previously requested a cost share to repair the west end of the Church Street dock in Bristol (the landing dock for the Prudence Island Ferry).

Under the A&R Marine proposal, the town of Portsmouth would pay one third of the costs. Another third would be paid by the town of Bristol, while A&R Marine would cover the final third due.

According to Stephen Antaya, president of A&R Marine, “the Church Street dock has been used for more than 100 years to provide ferry service for the Prudence Island residents and is currently leased by A&R Marine Corp from the town of Bristol.” 

Repairs to the dock would include a new ramp. The entire cost of the project is estimated at $125,000. 


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