Write-ins fall short in Water and Fire District election

The Portsmouth Water District’s annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) was mailed to district water customers on June 23 and 26. 

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — A push for write-in candidates fell short Wednesday in the uncontested Portsmouth Water and Fire District election. 

Incumbent Philip T. Driscoll, who ran unopposed, received a total of 102 votes, securing his position as Water and Fire District clerk. 

A total of 45 write-in ballots were counted by hand Wednesday evening after a state machine, programmed to report out the write-in votes, failed to deliver the print-out.

The write-ins were counted inside the Portsmouth Water and Fire District’s offices on East Main Road. 

Among the 45 write-ins, the majority were cast for Daniela Abbott, who received 42 write-in votes for clerk. 

Gary Gump received 2 votes, while the remaining vote went to “Not Phil.” 

Andrew V. Kelly, who also serves on the Portsmouth School Committee, was elected water commissioner after receiving 105 votes. 

A dozen write-in votes were also cast for water commissioner, including 5 votes for Abbott, 2 for Mickey or Mike Mouse, 1 for Bob Kittredge, 1 for Judi Staven, 2 for Driscoll and 1 for David M. Gleason. 

Both the clerk and water commissioner terms will last 3 years as part of the 7-member administrative board. 


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