Write-ins fall short in Water and Fire District election

Portsmouth Water and Fire District will hold an election in June. Find out more about the election here. 

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — A push for write-in candidates fell short Wednesday in the uncontested Portsmouth Water and Fire District election. 

Incumbent Philip T. Driscoll, who ran unopposed, received a total of 102 votes, securing his position as Water and Fire District clerk. 

A total of 45 write-in ballots were counted by hand Wednesday evening after a state machine, programmed to report out the write-in votes, failed to deliver the print-out.

The write-ins were counted inside the Portsmouth Water and Fire District’s offices on East Main Road. 

Among the 45 write-ins, the majority were cast for Daniela Abbott, who received 42 write-in votes for clerk. 

Gary Gump received 2 votes, while the remaining vote went to “Not Phil.” 

Andrew V. Kelly, who also serves on the Portsmouth School Committee, was elected water commissioner after receiving 105 votes. 

A dozen write-in votes were also cast for water commissioner, including 5 votes for Abbott, 2 for Mickey or Mike Mouse, 1 for Bob Kittredge, 1 for Judi Staven, 2 for Driscoll and 1 for David M. Gleason. 

Both the clerk and water commissioner terms will last 3 years as part of the 7-member administrative board. 


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