PFD saves mom’s life 2 days before Mother’s Day

The Portsmouth Fire Department (PFD) saved a mother, who was choking, just 2 days before Mother's Day, according to the department.

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The Portsmouth Fire Department (PFD) saved a mother, who was choking, just 2 days before Mother’s Day, according to the department. 

The PFD posted the following on Facebook Tuesday describing the rescue of the mother, who now refers to her rescuers as “Angels.” 

Featured here is the post published verbatim. 

Earlier this month Portsmouth Fire Department Fire Department received a 911 call from a person choking. The person’s airway was partially obstructed with a piece of food and was barely able to speak. Dispatchers struggled to identify the location of the patient, who was calling from a cell phone. With assistance from the 911 center in North Scituate, responders started their response to the victim’s home.

Arriving 4 minutes later, responders found that the patient’s airway had become completely obstructed and her condition was unstable. Lieutenant Allen Levesque jumped into action, performing the Heimlich Maneuver until the patient began to move air again. Despite reopening the patient’s airway, responders were unable to retrieve the object. The patient was transported to the hospital with some distress from the object in her airway and the discomfort caused by the treatment.

The patient was treated and released from the hospital after the object safely passed.

Two days later, on Mother’s Day, the choking victim sat with her sons at home. She was so grateful to be able to survive her emergency and spend another Mother’s Day with her boys. She decided to write a letter to the Fire Department expressing her gratitude to her “Angels”. She also gave us permission to tell her story and use her name.

Allison Serina, our choking patient, is very familiar to Portsmouth Fire Department personnel. As the longtime manager of the Anthony House Apartments, she has seen our crews come and go hundreds of times providing care to her residents. Allison stated in her letter, “I knew they would save me” and called the Portsmouth responders reassuring, confident, and professional.

In addition to Lt. Allen Levesque, Allison’s angels include FF Dillon Miniati (Rescue 2), Captain Steve Lynch, FF Will DePiero, and FF Kevin Farley (all from Engine 3).

Portsmouth Firefighters are grateful to arrive on scene early enough to make a difference and so happy that Allison was around to enjoy Mother’s Day with her boys.


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