Portsmouth Fire Department to host 3rd annual Team Grayson Blood Drive

Team Grayson Blood Drive

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The Portsmouth Fire Department will host its 3rd annual Team Grayson Blood Drive in May. 

The event will be held on Monday, May 22, from 3 to 8 p.m. at St. John’s Masonic Lodge, 81 Sprague St. 

Capt. Dominic Lautieri, Grayson’s father, wrote the following regarding his son and the Tomorrow Fund Clinic. 

Grayson has been in active treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Luekemia since March 2015. Grayson has endured 7 months of bi-weekly trips to the Tomorrow Fund Clinic for chemo injections into his thighs. This treatment was followed by a 18 months of weekly trips to clinic for chemo infusions through the central line port in his chest. This has been a very long battle for Grayson, but he has continued to fight through the many challenges he has faced. Grayson has gained the strength to return to school on a regular basis this year. He has had the determination throughout treatment to continue dancing with his competition Hip Hop team. He and his team have taken home many awards for their performances. He is a true inspiration.

When Grayson was first diagnosed, one the first treatments he received was a blood and platelet infusion. We never knew how crucial blood and blood products would be in saving Grayson’s life. Throughout treatment, Grayson has had to receive blood and blood products when his counts were low.

As Grayson approaches the end of his active treatment, we are beyond thankful that he has had the strength to beat cancer. We are thankful for the team of doctors and nurses and staff at Hasbro Children’s hospital and The Tomorrow Fund clinic. We are thankful to the staff at the RI Blood Center and the countless blood donors. Each donor has helped save the life of our son.

Grayson’s story is just one of many throughout RI. There are SO MANY kids fighting cancer every day in the Tomorrow Fund Clinic. These children rely on blood and blood products from the RIBC to help them have the strength to fight. We encourage anybody that can give blood to donate. It is very possible that your donation will save the life of one of these children.

The Tomorrow Fund Rhode Island Blood Center Team Grayson

Captain Dominic J. Lautieri
Portsmouth Fire Department


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