Portsmouth resident seeks funds to make war documentary in Ukraine

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — A Portsmouth man is seeking donations to help fund a documentary about the war in the Donbass region of Ukraine. 

John McMahon, a Portsmouth resident and graduate of Portsmouth High School, is raising funds to produce a documentary on the armed conflict in Ukraine, which began in March 2014. 

McMahon has created a GoFundMe page in hopes to raise a total of $40,000 for the project. However, if funds are not raised, McMahon says he plans to fund the project himself. 

From the GoFundMe project page

A unique opportunity has presented itself.  War in the Donbass.

I would like you to help me by funding a documentary which will focus on the causes, on going fighting, and possible solutions.  This will be a production that talks to both sides in the conflict and tries to present the facts without assigning blame to any of those involved. 

We have already secured translation services in English, Russian and Ukrainian, and preliminary contact has been made with the Ukrainian Government in Kiev, the Donetsk Peoples Republic and the Lugansk Peoples Republic.  With luck, each will provide a spokesperson for interview.

The OSCE may also be involved and interviewed.
Using local contacts, and local videographers, we will present an up close look at the actual fighting and the damage already done.  An in-depth look at the Crimea Annexation will also be presented with historical background.

This story needs to be told.  Help me tell it with your donation.  All donations will be used for actual production.  No salaries will be paid, as everyone involved is a volunteer.  Help me show the world what is really going on there since Maidan, and help me show all the Governments of the world why they should step up and help to bring this conflict to an end. Peacefully.

Give the countless innocent civilians who have died in this conflict a voice.  And let the world hear them and their stories.

Individuals who donate to the film project can receive rewards, which range from a DVD copy of the documentary for a $100 donation to a custom-made shirt and jacket, and DVD, for a $1,000 donation. For a $10,000 donation, the donor will receive several items and a traditional Ukrainian dinner cooked in their home. 

McMahon, who ran for Portsmouth Town Council in the 2016 election, says he plans to start filming in September if all goes as planned. 

McMahon has secured travel through the Lugansk People’s Republic, a self-proclaimed state in eastern Ukraine. However, visitation to Russian-controlled Crimea might be more difficult, according to McMahon. 

To help fund this war documentary project or for more information, visit https://www.gofundme.com/donbas-ukraine-documentary

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