Residents react after town nearly doubles trash fee

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — Portsmouth residents reacted with mostly anger and frustration after the Portsmouth Town Council nearly doubled the Transfer Station sticker fee, the price to dispose of trash and recycling. 

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, the town council voted 5-2 to raise the Transfer Station sticker price to $300 annually per household, a nearly 100% increase. The current sticker price is $160 per household. 

Council members J. Mark Ryan and Linda L. Ujifusa voted against the increase. 

Residents took to social media following the vote Tuesday and Wednesday to express anger and frustration.

David McCarthy $300 seriously? I can get pick up for a couple more dollars a month than that turns out to be and I wouldn’t have to collect it and haul it there in my own vehicle. They are crazy raising the price almost 100%!

Jennifer Kristen Doubling the price for a sticker?!? That’s outrageous- there has to be a better option

Amy Lamoureux Courville Why bother asking the citizens what they want when they ignore the People’s choice?

Priscilla A. Smyth Thayer I’m buying a compost mixer and a burn barrel. $300 for a dump sticker is ridiculous.

Some residents questioned whether the increase was a strategy meant to close the Transfer Station. 

Matthew Randall Sounds like their plan to get rid of it by just about doubling the price will work. As very few pay for that price it will be forced to shut down. Good job Portsmouth.

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