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Most Dangerous Areas in Texas that you need to know.

Houston, Texas, USA downtown city skyline over Root Square. (Photo: IStock)

Texas is renowned for its sizable cities, cuisine, and cowboy way of life. Texas is the third most populous and second-largest state in the USA, after Alaska and California, respectively, in terms of both area and population.

Downtown Houston Texas shot near dusk from an altitude of about 1200 feet over the city. (Photo: IStock)

According to Upgraded Home, the crime rate in Texas’ 15 most hazardous cities is significantly bigger than everything else there. Due to their high rates of crime, Bastrop, Lubbock, and Humble are among the worst places to live in Texas. Follow us as we investigate the 15 most dangerous cities in Texas, whether it is Alamo, Houston, or Amarillo.

The state is bursting with exciting cities, incredible culture, and breathtaking scenery. However, a few special places among its wide diversity pose their own dangers and difficulties. These particular locales are among the riskiest in Texas due to hazardous roadways, high crime rates, and unpredictable weather.

To ensure your safety while embracing Texas’s spirit of adventure, it’s imperative to keep knowledgeable about these hidden threats while we explore the lesser-known aspects of the state. Let’s talk about the secret tales of Texas’ most perilous locations, from disaster-prone areas to dangerous roadways and crime-ridden cities. We shall move cautiously and with curiosity through these sites.

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Everything from barbecue and the Alamo to live music and the cattle sector is synonymous with Texas. Texas is a vast state, and that includes everything, including certain communities’ crime rates.

Let us know some most dangerous areas in Texas.

1. Galveston

Beachgoers are drawn to Galveston, a coastal town on the Gulf Coast, because of its allure and pleasant climate. But there is a negative side to this place: because of its unfavorable location, it frequently experiences hurricanes. Galveston has sustained the worst hurricane damage over the past century of any Texas city.

Galveston has had 56 storms since 1930, making it one of the areas most at risk from hurricanes. Hurricane Ike, the most recent significant one, hit in 2008.

Galveston was also affected by the deadliest natural disaster in US history in 1900. Almost two thirds of the city was devastated when a powerful hurricane swept across the island. A total of 8,000 to 12,000 persons, or 20 to 30 percent of the population, perished.

2. Amarillo

The Texas Panhandle city of Amarillo can be risky in the winter because of the frequently occurring snowfall that creates unsafe driving conditions. A single winter storm can bring in between 2.4 and 4.5 inches of snow to this city, with extra snowfall of up to two inches occasionally being conceivable. In Texas, Amarillo is the city with the most snowfall. Other major cities generally don’t get much snow.

The heavy, wet snow turns into ice conditions on untreated roadways during the sometimes below-freezing overnight temperatures. The risks for drivers are considerably increased by this ice and the potential for black ice, which is a thin, difficult-to-see layer of glazed ice on streets.

3. Interstate 35E

A crucial north-south route, Interstate 35E (I-35E), runs through Texas’ thriving Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. IH-35, a huge Interstate Highway that runs from Texas to Lake Superior, is made up in part by 35 East. Unfortunately, this stretch of the highway has developed an infamous reputation as one of the state’s most dangerous routes.

Notably, a terrifying incident in 2020 served as further evidence of the dangers present on this wide road. Six people were killed and countless others were injured in a terrible pile-up involving 133 vehicles that happened close to Fort Worth during a period of freezing rain. This unfortunate incident serves as a melancholy reminder of the inherent risks present along this specific stretch of I-35E.

4. U.S. Highway 83

The Rio Grande Valley and McAllen are two Texas cities along Highway 83, which is also known as the “Road to Nowhere.” One of Texas’ most perilous locations is this long, isolated road, which draws attention with its beautiful views of the state’s landscapes.

Unlike the conventional straight and level Texas roadways, Highway 83 is distinctive. Its winding route travels through some of the state’s most varied landscapes and is marked by sharp twists, erratic routes, and solitary sections. Combining these factors can lead to a perfect storm of possible road hazards, which frequently catches drivers off guard and causes tragic accidents.

5. Odessa

Odessa is regarded as the “most dangerous” city in the state due to its unfavorable reputation as a city with high levels of criminal activity. The city has a significantly higher crime rate than the national average. Remember that despite having Texas’s highest crime rate, Odessa does not have the state’s highest rate of violent crime.

Odessa is well known for its significant contributions to the oil industry and epitomizes cowboy culture. However, the city struggles with the serious problem of poverty, which regrettably contributes to an increase in crime events.

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