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19-Year-Old Pleads Guilty to Third-Degree Murder in Pittsburgh Teen’s Shooting

19-Year-Old Pleads Guilty to Third-Degree Murder in Pittsburgh Teen's Shooting
19-Year-Old Pleads Guilty to Third-Degree Murder in Pittsburgh Teen's Shooting

Tragically, a 19-year-old male has entered a guilty plea to three counts of third-degree murder, criminal conspiracy, and two weapons charges related to the shooting death of 15-year-old Marquis Campbell. In January 2022, Campbell was waiting to leave a Pittsburgh school in a school van when there was a shooting.

For his role in the event, Eugene Watson, who was 17 at the time of the shooting, was prosecuted as an adult. He appeared before Allegheny County Court and entered a guilty plea. Watson’s lawyer declined to comment on the pleas outside of the courthouse. Watson is expected to be sentenced on January 25.

Prosecutors in this tragic case partially concluded the legal processes when they dismissed charges against a second adolescent who had been found guilty of one conspiracy count and was declared delinquent in juvenile court.

The Oliver Citywide Academy, a special education facility serving kids in grades three through twelve on Pittsburgh’s North Side, saw gunfire just after classes had ended. Two people walked up to the school vehicle and started shooting, killing Marquis Campbell in the process. After afterwards, a hospital declared him dead.


In the months preceding the shooting, Campbell got into many confrontations with other young people, according to Deputy District Attorney Stephanie Ramaley, which provided insight into a potential reason for this horrific event.
Eugene Watson’s guilty plea provides some closure to the tragic death of Marquis Campbell, a fifteen-year-old student with his entire life ahead of him. The tragedy has had a long-lasting effect on the Pittsburgh community and is a sobering reminder of the significance of tackling problems with youth dispute resolution and gun violence.

Watson’s sentence is currently underway, and the case serves as a reminder of the difficulties communities, parents, and educators have in creating secure settings for their young people. The untimely demise of Marquis Campbell highlights the pressing necessity of preventing violence and resolving disputes amicably, especially in the lives of young people who ought to be concentrating on their schooling and future opportunities.

Notwithstanding the tragic conclusion of this case, it also shows how committed law enforcement and the legal system are to holding violent offenders accountable, even when the perpetrators are young.

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