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2023 – Most Dangerous Places in Detroit

A panorama of the Detroit, Michigan skyline, as seen from across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario. (Photo: Istockphoto)

Detroit, sometimes known as the Motor City, has a tremendous historical and cultural significance. However, it has faced a number of urban challenges, including elevated crime rates.

Detroit Michigan (Photo: Depositphotos)

According to the article from New York Rentownsell, Understanding De­troit’s most dangerous places is critical for residents, visitors, and policymakers. We can gain a better understanding of the intricate dynamics that exist in these communities by diving into crime data and significant factors.

In this tutorial, we will investigate the most dangerous places in Detroit and the underlying issues that contribute to their problems.

When crime data is analyzed and numerous factors are considered, many communities in Detroit stand out as having greater crime rates and safety issues. While these neighborhoods may have higher crime rates, this does not define the entire community or the people who reside there.

While these neighborhoods may have higher crime rates, this does not define the entire community or the people who reside there.

1. Forest Park:

Despite housing Detroit’s Federal Reserve branch, Forest Park faces significant economic and social challenges and is regarded as the city’s poorest neighborhood.

The area, which has only 1,044 residents, has a shocking 16.1% unemployment rate and a paltry median income of $14,872.

Furthermore, the area has seen an unfortunate increase in auto thefts, increasing the difficulties that its residents endure.

2. East Detroit (Eastside):

The Eastside of Detroit faces significant issues in terms of crime and safety. Poverty, unemployment, and poor infrastructure all contribute to the neighborhood’s increased crime rates.

Residents on the Eastside frequently face problems with violent crime, drug-related activities, and property crime.

3. Southwest Detroit:

Southwest Detroit is a varied community with a rich cultural background, especially among its Latinx residents.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood has long been plagued by safety concerns, such as gang-related activity and drug-related violence.

Community organizations and local initiatives are addressing these concerns and promoting a safer environment.

4. Brightmoor:

Brightmoor has had substantial economic and population decline over the years, which has resulted in greater crime rates.

Residents in this community face issues from drug-related crimes, property crimes, and violence.

Brightmoor’s population declined over the 40 years leading up to 2011, which was compounded by the advent of crime in the 1990s and 2000s, which led more inhabitants to leave.

Despite the problems, there are community-led efforts underway to rejuvenate and improve Brightmoor’s safety.

5. Fiskhorn:

Fiskhorn is a neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, with a population of 1,910. It can be found in Wayne County. Fiskhorn residents enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority of residents rent their homes.

Fiskhorn has 123% higher crime rates than the rest of Detroit. Socioeconomic problems and a lack of resources may be factors contributing to greater crime rates.

6. Franklin Park:

Crime rates in Franklin Park are 406% higher than the national average. Poverty, restricted economic possibilities, and social inequality may exist in the neighborhood.

Targeted interventions and community empowerment are critical for addressing Franklin Park’s safety issues.

With a crime rate of 59 per thousand population, Detroit has one of the highest crime rates in America when compared to all communities of all sizes, from tiny villages to major metropolis.

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7. Greensbriar:

Greensbriar’s crime rate in 2022 was 549% greater than the national average. Unemployment, poverty, and a lack of community resources all add to Greensbriar’s safety worries.

It is critical to engage neighbors and adopt comprehensive initiatives to improve the neighborhood’s safety and quality of life.

8. Van Steuban:

The crime rate of Van Steuban is 134% higher than the Detroit average.

Socioeconomic inequality and a lack of community involvement may contribute to increased crime rates.

Strengthening communal bonds, improving security measures, and increasing educational opportunities can all help to resolve Van Steuban’s safety concerns.

9. Warrendale:

Warrendale is a neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, bordered by Greenfield Road, Joy Road, and the Detroit city boundaries. Furthermore, Warrendale borders Dearborn on two sides and Dearborn Heights on the third.

Warrendale is regarded as one of Detroit’s most dangerous areas, with numerous instances of break-ins, assaults, and robberies.

Poverty, unemployment, and crumbling infrastructure are among the issues confronting the neighborhood.

10. Belmont:

Belmont is a Detroit, Michigan neighborhood with a population of 2,719 people. The crime rate in the area is 14,048 per 100,000 inhabitants. Poverty, substance misuse, and inadequate access to social assistance all contribute to Belmont’s safety concerns.

11. Poletown East:

Despite its closeness to a General Motors assembly factory, Poletown East has a 14.9% unemployment rate and a $16,286 median income.

The crime rate in the neighborhood is 219% greater than the national average.

The community may confront issues as a result of socioeconomic inequality and inadequate community resources.

12. Carbon Works:

Carbon Works, located along the Rouge River, is a working-class area that has seen better days in the past. This area’s 615 citizens currently face a 14.7% unemployment rate and a median income of $33,125.

Carbon Works has 367% more crime than the national average. Economic insecurity, drug-related activities, and a lack of community cohesion all contribute to the safety concerns at Carbon Works.

According to the article from Security Gauge, One in every 17 people in this city will become a victim of either violent or property crime. More than 99% of Michigan municipalities have lower crime rates than Detroit. In fact, NeighborhoodScout discovered Detroit to be one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the United States after researching risky places to reside.

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