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25-Year-Old Wisconsin Woman Admits Dismembering a Man After They Had Sex

Wisconsin woman
Wisconsin woman admitted dismembering a man after they had a sex. (Photo: FOX)

A 25-year-old Wisconsin woman admitted that she dismembered the body and organs of a man after they smoked meth and after they had sex.

Wisconsin woman

Wisconsin woman admitted dismembering a man after they had sex. (Photo: FOX)

Wisconsin Woman Dismembered a Man After They Had Sex

A 25-year-old Wisconsin woman identified as Taylor Schabusiness admitted that she dismembered the body of a man after they used meth and after they had sex. Police authorities identified the man as Shad Thyrion and this incident happened in February 2022.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, the Wisconsin woman put a chain around the neck of the man while they had sex as part of their “sex act,” During the investigation, she told the officers that she choked him and told Thyrion “would not die” and that he just kept “rebuilding into muscle,” It was also found that the Wisconsin woman performed sexual acts with the man’s internal organs.

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Wisconsin Woman Pleaded Not Guilty

According to a published article in NBC News, the Wisconsin woman pleaded not guilty due to a mental disease or defect. Following this, the Brown County Judge ordered multiple tests to verify and validate the claim of the Wisconsin woman.

Furthermore, Arturo Coronado, the father of the Wisconsin woman, also said that he was worried about the mental state of her daughter all the time. A medical expert also confirmed that the Wisconsin woman spent time in an inpatient facility after having suicidal thoughts.

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