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28 Year Old Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released was Arrested in St. Paul


Officials have announced that the 28 year old was arrested in Minnesota around 1 in the afternoon.

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A 28 year old murder suspect that was mistakenly released two weeks ago from jail in Indianapolis was arrested by US Marshals Service in Minnesota on Wednesday, where he is facing charges for a 2021 killing, as told by police.


According to Valley News Live, the 28 year old murder suspect, Kevin Mason, was mistakenly released from jail earlier this month. He is now back in custody after being arrested south of St. Paul, Minnesota. Chief Deputy Mike Fuller said that Mason was taken into custody on 900 block of Summit Avenue without incident.


The 28 year old is charged with second degree murder in the fatal shooting that took place on June 11, 2021, outside of the Shiloh Temple. Prosecutors alleged that the 28 year old shot 29 year old Dontevius Ahmad Catchings during a dispute after a funeral that was attended by multiple members of a known street gang.


The 28 year old was arrested in Indianapolis on September 11, but was released two days later because of a faulty records review by clerks with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, said by the officials. There was at least one employee dismissed following the gaffe.

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The 28 year old’s arrest was on three warrants, including murder, from three different jurisdictions.


According to Twin Cities, the 28 year old was apprehended in the afternoon in St. Paul, said Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal. He added in a statement that he is grateful to the Marshals Service for concluding the manhunt and safely bringing the 28 year old back in custody.


A lawyer who might speak on the behalf of the 28 year old could not be located.

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