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36 Year Old Son Fatally Stabs 60 Year Old Mother in Berkeley Hills Home

(Photo: iStock)

The 36 year old suspect stabbed his mother and others on Saturday at around 12:30 pm at a home on the 1000 block of Overlook Road, Berkeley.

(Photo: iStock)

In an apparent family conflict, a 60 year old woman was stabbed at a Berkeley Hills Home on Saturday by her 36 year old son. Two other people were injured. Police says attack was not random.


According to, 36 year old Jonah Roper arrived and allegedly stabbed his 60 year old mother a few times. Neighbors have reported to have heard cries of help, neighbors saw the suspect chase an older man out of the home, as well.


The man that the 36 year old chased out of the home was his stepfather, the man could be heard the 36 year old suspect why he was doing this. Another woman, a neighbor of the 36 year old’s mother was also reportedly injured after the 36 year old entered her home and stabbed her.


Berkeley Police spokesperson Officer Jessica Perry said that 36 year old Roper has fled the scene with a car that did not belong to him. Ropper was apprehended by the police, who reportedly rammed the vehicle in the area of Ninth and Gilman streets, near Whole Foods.

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The 36 year old suspect was arrested around 12:45 pm on Saturday.


According to Mercury News on, police said that the attack began at one house on Overlook Road and continued to another, they said that the attack was not random. The first police call was reported as coming from the 900 block and then updated to the 1000 block of the Overlook Road, and was described as a family disturbance.


Officer Jessica Perry said that the male victim suffered stab wound on his hands and was treated at the crime scene, while the other woman who was also attacked was taken to a hospital for her stab wounds, and is in stable condition.

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