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4-Year Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shares Her Survival Story

Ovarian Cancer
Take note of this Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Ovarian cancer survivor shares she story

Ovarian Cancer

Take note of this Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

A survivor of ovarian cancer for 4 years shares her story of survival

In a recent article published by CBSNews, ovarian cancer is called the silent killer because it’s hard to diagnose and treat, but that’s slowly changing. This garden is my happy place It feeds my heart and my soul, Elena Costello said.

Ovarian cancer survivor Elena took healing in her Ardmore garden. She said that being a four-year ovarian cancer survivor of she went around for seven months, she kept on thinking what was wrong with her. Her symptoms were discomfort and distention in my stomach. Who would ever think that’s ovarian cancer? Nobody, she added.

Most of the ovarian cancer survivor have experienced abdominal or pelvic pain, bloating, trouble eating or feeling full quickly and the frequent need to urinate. Elena, the ovarian cancer survivor said her symptoms was unrecognizable because for her it was just a normal feeling.


Ovarian cancer survivor said it is hard to diagnose and there’s no screening, which is why it’s called the silent killer. Dr. David O. Holtz of Maine Line Health, who’s Costello’s doctor said the treatment for ovarian cancer survivor is also limited, but there is a new FDA drug for recurrent ovarian cancer called Elahere.

The ovarian cancer survivor has greatly improved over the last 20 years. The ovarian cancer survivor Elena lost her hair on the last rounds of chemo. She said her hair was just growing back, and she was happy to take the wig off. The ovarian cancer survivor felt relief to have a new treatment option.

Nobody knows what it’s like except somebody that has it, the ovarian cancer survivor said. Now at age 80, Elena felt lucky to still be enjoying life and her family. In honor of this month, the Sandy Rollman Foundation is hosting an Ovarian Cancer Awareness night at the Philadelphia Phillies next Friday.

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