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4th Grade Teacher Who Raped a 12 Year Old Rearrested for Telling Victim He’ll ‘Regret Doing This’


The 4th grade teacher allegedly texted the victim saying he will regret doing this after she was freed on bond.


A 38 year old former 4th grade teacher who was previously charged with raping a 12 year old boy was rearrested on Thursday for allegedly attempting to coerce the victim.


According to Daily Mail, 38 year old Alissa McCommon was arrested in Covington, Tennessee late Thursday, just 20 days after her first arrest on September 8 for child sex attack. The 4th grade teacher was accused of breaching a condition of her $25,000 bond stipulating that she have no contact with her victim.


The 4th grade teacher allegedly texted her victim by using a phone number that he was not familiar with and used specific code words she had previously used while she was sending him nude photos to identify herself. This was then followed by a threat saying that the 4th grade teacher’s victim will regret this.


This time, the 4th grade teacher was charged with coercion of a witness, aggravated stalking, and tampering with evidence, and harassment. The arrest earlier this month came after multiple underage victims have come forward and said that they were ‘befriended’ by the 4th grade teacher; they were invited to play video games with her and connected with them on social media.

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The 4th grade teacher was teaching at Charger Academy where she taught English and Language at the school until she was suspended by the district without pay on August 24 – however, the 4th grade teacher ultimately resigned.


According to Fox News, police said that McCommon allegedly admitted to ‘communicating inappropriately’ with her former students through social media and online video games, where she sent them inappropriate pictures and requested a sexual relationship.


The Covington Police Department initially began investigating the 4th grade teacher after they have received information from the Department of Children Services that she had engaged in alleged sexual contact with a teenage male student. The victim told police that when he was spending time at the teacher’s house back in 2021 – he was 12 years old – he woke up to the 4th grade teacher sexually assaulting him.


Authorities stated that there is no evidence that McCommon’s crime occurred on school grounds. The Covington PD is looking for more victims who may have been in contact with the teacher to come forward. McCommon is being held at the Tipton County Jail without bond pending her next court appearance.

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