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6 Most Dangerous Areas in Las Vegas – A Guide for Safe Visits in Sin City


If you are a new tourist of Sin City, make sure to be aware of the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas to be safe.

A list of Sin City’s most dangerous areas. (Photo:

Like any other cities in the US, Las Vegas can be pretty dangerous. Unless you are familiar with Sin City, knowing which areas are dangerous can be tricky. If you plan to visit other places, rather than the familiar ones, here is a list of the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas.

Casino has put a guide for the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas.

1. West Las Vegas. This is the first in the list of the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas as this area is notorious for drug and gang activities, located northwest of the Strip. This area is one of the most deprived of the city, with people living below the poverty line where violent crime rates are 713% higher than the national average.


2. Naked City. Located west of The Strat (the bg tower at the end of Strip), is a far cry from all the glitz and glamor of the casinos. Naked City is part of the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas as numerous reports of homicides and drug dealing are common in the area. People may walk to the Strip but never should you wander into Naked City. It is so bad that taxis would not go there at night, especially as it is considered as the one of the roughest parts of Sin City.


3. East Las Vegas/Whitney. This is also part of the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas. An area that is worth avoiding because the violent crime rate is 288% higher than the national average. With this high crime rate it is obvious that tourists should stray away from this are, right? However, this area around the Boulder Highway, is where many of the extended stay hotels are located. These hotels are hotbeds for property crime, where rates are 167% higher than the national average.

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Although crime is not evenly spread throughout Sin City, there are some neighborhoods that are most dangerous areas in Las Vegas.

4. Charleston Heights. Charleston Heights is part of the list of the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas as this is one of the lowest income neighborhoods in the entire US. 45.5% of children live below federal poverty line and unemployment is higher by 73% than the national average. This means that you have a 1 in 13 chance of being a victim of any crime in Charleston Heights.


5. Huntridge. This area is one of the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas as it is located in South Las Vegas, another place that is reputed for being dangerous. Huntridge is home to Circle Park, a place that is well known for attracting drug addicts, homeless people, and thieves. It is probably best not to visit this neighborhood.


6. Downtown. This is that last of the list in the most dangerous areas in Las Vegas. Downtown is the “older” part of Sin City, and you probably want to visit this area. However, even if it is a lot safer than when it used to be, Downtown’s violent crime rate is 98% higher than national average. In fact, violent crime has become an issue that the local police force expanded their presence during the summer months. If you ever plan to go, especially as there are tons of fun things to do in Downtown, just be vigilant and make sure to stick close a few blocks of Fermont Street.


While we there may be a number of dangerous areas in Sin City, Las Vegas is generally safe. Forbes ranked Las Vegas as the 14th safest in the list of Citis in America with populations over 300,000. Feel free to visit and explore the beauty of Sin City, just be sure to go through the places in this list.

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