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A 12 Year Old Girl was Hit and Died in Lake City Shooting

Shooting a gun in night. (Photo: IStock)

The bullets struck the girl when she was sitting on the couch.

A man is pointing a gun directly at the lens. (Photo: IStock)

According to the article from WCJB, On Thursday night, shots were fired into a residence near Lake City, killing a toddler.

Officers from the Lake City Police Department say it happened at 9 p.m. On Northwest Long Street, shots were fired into a residence. The gunshots struck a 12-year-old girl who was sitting on a couch in the house.

Although emergency personnel administered first assistance, the youngster died as a result of her injuries.

One adjacent neighbour said she learned about the incident from other residents.

“Residents talked, and they spread the word that there was a shooting over there, and who it was,” Evelyn Leggett explained. “My plan was to visit my parents and grandparents… They’re also nice people, and what happened last night was uncalled for.”

Leggett said she knows the family since she has lived in Lake City for many years.

“I don’t like hearing about a child losing their life, you know,” Leggett remarked. “I had to leave. I was simply devastated, and my heart goes out to the parents and grandmother.”

Lake City Police officers combed the neighborhood Friday morning, stopping cars and knocking on doors in the hopes of gathering new information to aid in the investigation. It’s unclear whether the shooting was premeditated or not.

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Leggett and her husband said that there have been many shootings in their neighborhood since they moved in and that they feel afraid leaving their home at night.

According to the article from News4Jax, a family member said that the 12-year-old was a sixth-grader who was always smiling and loved to dance. They described what happened to her in that house, which is now marked by evidence markers where bullets struck, as “unthinkable.”

“It’s just so sad,” said one unidentified neighbor to News4JAX. “I’m sorry for the family. “I feel for the mother.”

According to the neighbor, crime in the region has been increasing in recent years, particularly shootings.

“It happened to her.” It might happen to me. That’s exactly how I feel. Anyone could be affected. Bullets don’t have any names.”

On Friday, bullet holes and glass were visible at the scene.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are assisting with the investigation.

Anyone with information on the incident should call the Lake City Police Department at (386) 752-4343 and ask to speak with Investigator Sapp.

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