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A 16 Year Old Girl was Stabbed Outside A McDonald’s Over Sweet and Sour Sauce Argument


Despite life saving efforts, the 16 year old girl was pronounced dead.

A girl was fatally stabbed outside a McDonald’s over sauce. (Photo: iStock)

A 16 year old girl was fatally stabbed outside a McDonalds over a sauce argument with two more girls.

According to NBC News, Washington Metropolitan Police said in a news release that Naima Liggon, the 16 year old girl, was pronounced dead early Sunday, due to the stabbing incident outside a McDonalds chain in the 1900 block of 14th Street NW.


The 16 year old girl was taken by a private vehicle to the hospital; officers responded to the hospital for a report of a teenage girl with stab wounds, just after 2 am. Later Sunday, another 16 year old girl, was arrested and was found with a knife.


The suspect was charged with the second-degree murder while armed, assault with the intent to kills, aggravated assault, felony assault, and carrying a dangerous weapon. The 16 year old girl appeared at a hearing on Monday in D.C. Superior Court. Detective Brandon Jasper have testified that Naima Liggon was stabbed in an argument over sweet and sour sauce among three other girls outside a McDonalds after 2 am.

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The 16 year old girl pleaded “not involved” which is the juvenile equivalent of not guilty.

According to USA Today, Judge Sherri Beatty-Arthur reiterated the cause of the argument when she decided to hold the 16 year old girl at a secure facility until her next hearing. DC Police also released a statement that The 16 year old girl was found to be in possession of a knife.


The teen suspect has pleaded not involved; her attorney also argued that she acted in self-defense. However, prosecutors argued that the 16 year old girl was the only person that took a knife to the fight.


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