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A 22 Year Old Man From Cedar Rapids was Sentenced to 10 years Imprisonment

Ellis points a gun to his victims to get what he wants. (Photo: iStock)

The 22 year old man was given work release when he committed another crime.

Ellis points a gun to his victims to get what he wants. (Photo: iStock)

The 22 year old man from Cedar Rapids, named Jovon Ellis Jr.,  was sentenced to 10 years in prison after his third robbery. Ellis was given work release when he committed another robbery.

According to The Gazette, the 22 year old man, who was 18 at the time, had intended to meet three people in 2019 to smoke marijuana, but instead he waved a gun and took their phones and $200, according to The Gazette. In 2020, at Kennedy High School’s parking lot, the 22 year old man forced a female student into her car and demanded she hand over her phone while pointing a gun at her side. This was his first pending robbery case. 

The 22 year old man, who was 19 at the time, pled guilty to lesser charges of first-degree theft, carrying a weapon during a robbery in a school parking lot, and extortion during a robbery in a park. 

During the sentencing, Linn County Attorney Nick Maybanks, asked for a 15-year sentence as he was concerned by Ellis’ behavior of using guns to get what he wants. Sixth Judicial District Judge Fae Hoover sentenced the 22 year old man, who was then 19, to 15 years. Ellis only served 19 months in prison when the Iowa Board of Parole allowed him to go on work release in June 2022. He was sent to a residential facility where he could go for work as well as other approved leaves.

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The 22 year old man, who was 21 at that time, was arrested for another robbery, in November 2022.

Last November 2022, the 22 year old man, who was 21, was arrested for robbing two men in a parking lot of an apartment complex by, as usual, pointing a gun at them and demanding for their phones.  He ran away from the scene but was caught immediately after.

The 22 year old man was charged with first degree robbery and first degree theft. Ellis pleaded to a lesser charge of the first degree theft last May, and was sentenced to a 10 years imprisonment on Monday, by 6th Judicial District Judge Luz Dupich.

The 22 year old man’s possible parole date regarding the 2020 theft conviction will be released in April 2027, according to the Iowa Department of Corrections.

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