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A 77 Year Old Man Who Won the Lottery for $5 Million Bought Watermerlon and Flowers for Wife

(Photo: Colorado Lottery)

The lucky 77 year old man did not believe that he won the lottery.

(Photo: Colorado Lottery)

A 77 year old man named Waldemar Tasch won $5 million last week, he celebrated with a watermelon and flowers for his wife. The 77 year old man also wanted to give some money to a charity.


According to Mirror, the 77 year old man from Montrose, Colorado was on a backpacking trip in the Holy Cross Wilderness with his golden retriever, when his lottery numbers came up in the September 6 draw. When the 77 year old man returned home from his trip, he checked his ticket and found that he won a $5,067,041 jackpot.


The 77 year old man’s first thought was that his winning must be a mistake, however, the 77 year old man realised that he had actually won the jackpot. The 77 year old man was presented with two options, he could take monthly checks of take home the cash options.


The 77 year old man chose the cash option of $4,533, 520. The 77 year old man’s wife said that the first purchase he made was flowers and a watermelon for himself. The wife said that she was pleasantly surprised as the 77 year old man doesn’t normally buy her flowers, and that was very sweet.

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The lucky man bought his winning ticket as Hanging Tree Travel Plaza in Montrose.


The lottery news described him as an avid outdoorsman who lives six months in Colorado and 6 months in Arizona every year. He said he plays lottery every month in Colorado using the same numbers.


Colorado Lottery describe how Bud plans to use his winnings, they said that he and his wife live a simple life, but Bud’s wife has upcoming surgeries, so he is happy to be able to provide some much needed help around the house and yard while she is recovering. In addition to the small purchases he made after winning, Bud also said that he may expand his collection of classic cars, saying that he likes classic cars, with a few collection already, so he might get another one.

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