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A Connecticut Man was Charged with Assault in US Capitol Attack

US Capitol Attack
A Connecticut Man charged with assault in US Capitol Attack

Connecticut man charged with assault by law enforcer in US Capitol Attack

US Capitol Attack

US Capitol Attack

A Connecticut man assaulted a law enforcement officer during the US Capitol Attack

In a recently published article by KSTAR News, authorities arrested a Connecticut man and was charged with assault and several federal crimes in the Jan. 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol attack.

Benjamin Cohen, 21, of Westport, was charged with assault and facing a felony count of civil disorder and several misdemeanor offenses, including physical violence and that result him to be charged with assault. Benjamin appeared Wednesday in federal court in Connecticut where he was charged with assault.

Cohen who was charged with assault was identified according to Justice Department among the crowd of rioters who breached a police line at the Capitol. He was caught on camera making physical contact with the group of officers by pushing and shoving them with his hands, an evidence for him to be charged with assault.

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Charged with assault by law enforcement officer as Cohen was seen rushing toward the officers again, shoving and striking officers with his hands. Cohen who was charged with assault, then seen entering a tunnel at the Capitol and joining other rioters effort against the police line, according to court documents.

Benjamin Cohen who was charged with assault was photographed and taped inside an office inside the Capitol and leave through a broken window. He was not only charged with assault but of entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds

Cohen is among more than 1,100 people charged in the riot and included in more than 350 who have been charged with assault.

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