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A Lottery Jackpot Winner Found Out a Month Later He that Won on the Same Day as His Birthday


J. Refugio Gonzalez Almeida, a resident of Utah, had no idea he was a $3 million Lottery jackpot winner when he went back to Idaho a month later to redeem some small-dollar lottery tickets.

J. Refugio Gonzalez Almeida

Almeida the lottery jackpot winner, disclosed to representatives of the Idaho Lottery that he traveled twice from Utah to Malad, Idaho, in July to buy Mega Millions tickets for the jackpot drawing.

Almeida stated to lottery officials that playing the lottery was “my hobby,” therefore this was not his first time doing so.

He purchased a ticket for the Fourth of July weekend after driving back to Idaho because, like many other players, he did not win the initial prize. Without him knowing that he will be a lottery jackpot winner.

The lottery jackpot winner said that he bought all the games including the mega millions making him to have a lot of tickets.

Almeida’s birthday fell on the Fourth of July Mega Millions drawing, and fortunately for him, his ticket only had the Megaball and the first five numbers match. In addition, it contained the Megaplier feature, which was set to three for that drawing, multiplying his winning ticket’s $1 million prize to make it worth $3 million making him a lottery jackpot winner bringing home such plenty of money.

Almeida became a millionaire on his birthday as he became a lottery jackpot winner!

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Almeida had no idea that he was the lottery jackpot winner amounting $3 million until he bought tickets again the next month.

The lottery jackpot winner was instructed to present his ticket to the state lottery commission after being scanned by a staffer.

Almeida stated that he plans to deposit his win to the banks and plans on investing it.

In addition to being a significant day in American history, the Fourth of July was also a significant birthday for J. Refugio Gonzalez Almeida, the said lottery jackpot winner. It was the day he unintentionally became a millionaire, which occurred this year.

Many people have wondered why Almeida did not know about him being the lottery jackpot winner of $3 million, although there are several explanations for it, including his lack of frequent lottery play, his hectic schedule, and his failure to cross-check his ticket with the winning numbers.

On August 8, a Florida player became a very fortunate lottery jackpot winner who matched all six numbers to win the projected $1.58 billion jackpot finally broke the previous record.

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