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A Real Estate Businessman Reveals How One Can Buy a Mansion with Large Acreage

(Photo: YouTube: This is Me Taking Action)

This real estate businessman reveals how you can get a mansion for 100% off.

(Photo: YouTube: This is Me Taking Action)

While getting a mansion for 100% off seems too good to be true, a real estate businessman shared how anyone can do it using a clever method. He recently shared this method in his YouTube Channel, This is Me Taking Action, detailing how to pay off a massive property.


According to The U.S. Sun, the real estate businessman, Sawand Belche, who teaches about financial growth through real estate investments, recently uploaded a video in his YouTube titled “Purchased a Mansion for 100% off.” He explained how homeowners will buy a lot of land and use income from attractions on their property to pay for their houses.


The real estate businessman gave examples like having a science center on one’s property that schools will coem to or owning a dairy farm where one can make money selling products and renting out equipment. He said that what he has noticed about when one is looking at places than run big acreage with decent sized houses is that one can run their business on that land.


The real estate businessman stated that essentially one can get better tax benefits, and create income from where they live, and the they will be generally happy and will inspire other to do the same. For his own investment, the real estate businessman decided to buy a house with a basketball court that he could rent out to the Amateur Athletic Union. He said that that the plan is to make money on their 200 acre field with a basketball court. 

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The real estate businessman said that for someone who has the right connection, they can start to develop a stream of income.


The real estate businessman said that he could make $500 a week by renting out his basketball court. If the teams are meeting for two days out of a week, that means that the teams are paying $500 a week to have their practice. The real estate businessman mentioned that there will be a parking lot on the other side of his property as he has 10 additional acres to use.


The real estate businessman said that his family will be able to enjoy the amenities, while the property pays for itself.

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