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Agreement Between China and US: Doubling the Weekly Flight Limit Between the Two Countries

US-China Air Travel

An agreement between China and US to double their current weekly flight limits is announced by some sources


The Department of Transportation (DOT) stated on Friday night that an agreement between China and US had been struck, to double the weekly flying cap between the two mentioned countries.

Within hours when the news leaked, United Airlines declared that it was utilizing the chance to increase the number of flights to and from China by restoring service to Beijing from San Francisco and expanding the number of flights to Shanghai so that daily service would be available.

According to an article by PYOK, this agreement between China and US say that the DOT will permit 18 scheduled passenger flights each week between China and the United States starting on September 1, 2023, and on October 29 that number will rise to 24 weekly services.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, when Beijing implemented strict regulations and sanctions on foreign airlines in an effort to stop COVID-19 cases from being imported from abroad, capacity on flights between the US and China has been drastically reduced.

This agreement between China and US aims to  increase the scheduled flights between the two countries each week.

After years of conflict, the said agreement between China and US is a rare example of these two countries working together.

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The chilly diplomatic relationship with the Biden administration over aviation travel privileges has taken a long time to warm up, despite China loosening its pandemic controls and subsequently lifting all travel restrictions earlier this year.

It is good news for the two countries’ citizens that love to travel that there is now an agreement between China and US concerning air travels.

The DOT has provided an explanation for the gradual capacity rebuilding by saying that an orderly normalization of services and the broader aviation relationship, as stipulated by the agreement between China and US, would be ensured through a balanced and progressive reopening of the U.S.-China air transport market.

The DOT added their statements about the agreement between China and US, that their primary objective is to create an environment where both sides’ carriers may fully use their bilateral rights in order to maintain a healthy level of competition and fair and equal opportunity for both Chinese and American air carriers.

The aforementioned agreement between China and US will be approved, as said by the Biden administration on Friday.

United Airlines will increase capacity by beginning daily service between San Francisco and Shanghai on October 1; flights to Beijing will resume for the first time since the pandemic’s beginning in November.

The above-mentioned agreement between China and US doubling the weekly flying limit is a significant development that will support economic growth and boost their bilateral relations.

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