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Alexis Rose, the Man Who Killed His Ex-Girlfriend’s Partner, Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison

Alexis Rose murdered his ex-girlfriends partner. (Photo: iStock)

Alexis Rose was convicted for the murder of Shane Hutchinson, the partner of Rose’s ex-girlfriend, last March 2021.

Alexis Rose murdered his ex-girlfriend’s partner. (Photo: iStock)

According to the Westchester District Attorney’s Office, Alexis Rose, a man from the Bronx, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s partner.

From the article of Westchester New 12, Hutchinson was at the apartment of Alexis Rose’s ex-girlfriend. Hutchinson was helping his partner and son move out. Alexis Rose, despite the order of protection his ex-girlfriend had on him, showed up at the apartment.

Alexis Rose went inside the apartment and got into a verbal fight with his ex-girlfriend and Hutchinson, after which Alexis Rose shot him multiple times, hitting him about 6 times while Hutchinson’s son was nearby. Hutchinson was pronounced dead at the scene of crime.

It was said that Alexis Rose saw any man as a hindrance and a threat to him and his ex-girlfriend being together again. 

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The police immediately searched for Alexis Rose and was arrested after a short time.

According to an article by Yahoo News, it took the jury at least 90 minutes to convict Alexis Rose of second-degree murder as well as other charges. The jury also rejected Alexis Rose’s claim of self-defense.

Assistant District Attorney Janelle Armentano called the murder a “callous” one and that Alexis Rose was motivated by his view that he could win his ex-girlfriend back even when she clearly told him their relationship was over.

Westchester County Judge Susan Cacace told Alexis Rose he would not get sympathy out of her as he has shown no mercy in killing Hutchinson. Alexis Rose was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. 

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