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America’s Haunted Places You Don’t Want to Visit

Some of the haunting places in America

If you do not have the brave spirit to visit these haunted places in America, well the places have the ‘spirit’ to haunt you!

Places in America that are haunted

Have a glance at haunted places in America. These places are known to be occupied by vengeful and angered spirits.

If you love to visit the romantic places in America, would you love going to some of the haunted places in the country? Here are some of the haunted places that might give you chills.

Dock Street Theater

First in line is the Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, South Carolina.

Considered to be one of the haunted places in America, this location in downtown Charleston is one of the oldest theaters in America and has seen a lot of turmoil and drama through the years.

The Planters Inn was constructed there after the original theater was destroyed by fire; it underwent a theater conversion in the 1930s.

Nettie Dickerson, who, according to mythology, was hit by lightning while standing on the hotel’s balcony, is the most outlandish ghost in this place making it belong to the haunted places in America. It has been seen that her shadow, wearing a crimson gown, may be seen gliding down the theater’s second level.

The famous actor Junius Brutus Booth, who frequented the inn and was the father of Lincoln murderer John Wilkes, was also present in an unearthly capacity.

Gold Brooke Covered Bridge

Next in line of the haunted places is Emily’s Bridge, Stowe, Vermont.

Although New England is known for its beautiful covered bridges, some of them are more likely to inspire terror than joy.

Among the haunted places in America, consider Stowe’s 50-foot-long Emily’s Bridge, which is reputed to be the location of a young woman’s mid-1800s suicide.

The story goes that Emily was due to meet her lover at the bridge to go on a date, but when he never showed up, she committed suicide by hanging herself from the rafters.

Today, Emily’s spirit is rumored to be haunting the location with malice, tearing at passing cars and even scratching people’s backs until they bleed. Additionally, there are some less ominous spooks including visions of a white apparition, unusual sounds, and footsteps coming from the tunnel making it one of the most haunted places in the country.

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These haunted places are known to give horror and are not recommended to be visited due to some paranormal activities.

Calcasieu Courthouse

Last  but not least in this list is the Calcasieu Courthouse, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The courthouse has become one of the haunted places because of a spine-chilling event back then.

Toni Jo Henry, a former sex worker, gained widespread notoriety after she brutally murdered a man in 1940. The “charming” Toni Jo was found guilty after three trials, and she was subsequently the first (and only) woman to be killed by lethal injection in Louisiana.

However, it is said that she is still present at the courthouse, where staff members can sense her energy and even smell her flaming hair.

Many contend that she tampers with routine operations at the courthouse, shutting doors and messing with office supplies in an effort to make life more difficult for the staff.

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