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An 18 Year Old Man From Texas Was Charged with Capital Murder For the Death of an 11 Year Old Girl

The victim was found inside a trash bag under a bed. (Photo: iStock)

Police learned that the 18 year old man was residing in the same apartment complex where the victim was murdered. Once the body of the victim was found, the 18 year old man was nowhere to be found.

The victim was found inside a trash bag under a bed. (Photo: iStock)

Police announced that the 18 year old man from Texas, Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, has been arrested and charged with capital murder for the death of 11 year-old girl named Maria Gonzalez, whose body was found by her father under her bed on August 12.

According to KWTX News 10, investigators obtained “implicating evidence” that linked the 18 year old man to the death of the 11 year old victim. He was then arrested by the police in Shreveport, Louisiana and is awaiting extradition in Texas.

The police were told by the father of the victim that his daughter texted him while he was at work to let him know that there was someone knocking on their door. He never heard from her the whole day, and when he came home, he found a devastating discovery.

The 18 year old man put the body of the 11 year old girl inside a plastic trash bag and was placed inside a laundry basket and concealed under a bed inside the home. The girl was reportedly sexually assaulted by the 18 year old man before she was strangled to death.

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The 18 year old man is expected to be charged with capital murder, announced by the Pasadena County Police on Saturday.

According to Independent, Pasadena Police Chief Josh Bregger said in a press conference on Friday that detectives had talked to and taken DNA samples from the 18 year old man on the day that the body of the victim was found.  The 18 year old man was taken to custody by the Shreveport Police Department in Louisiana and will be extradited to Texas. 

The 11 year old victim, Maria, and her father immigrated to the US four years ago and had moved into their new apartment just three months ago. The 18 year old man was also an immigrant from Guatemala and surrendered to border officers in El Paso, according to the Pasadena Police.

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