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Are Wormholes Real? Unraveling the Mystery of Cosmic Shortcuts in Space-Time


Are Wormholes Real? Unraveling the Mystery of Cosmic Shortcuts in Space-Time

Will we ever… travel in wormholes? - BBC Future

Exploring the Universe: Are Wormholes Real (Photo: BBC)

Are Wormholes Real or Just Science Fiction?

According to the Medium, Wormholes, often considered science fiction’s optimal solution for spanning great distances in outer space, bring forth the question: are wormholes real, or are they purely theoretical constructs?

The term “wormhole,” often associated with the query “Are wormholes real,” serves as an analogy to the trajectory of a worm. This hypothetical tunnel, instead of navigating the surface of an apple, burrows through it, creating a type of shortcut. These enigmatic constructs, also referred to as Einstein-Rosen “bridges,” manifest as speculative resolutions emerging from the equations of general relativity. These equations describe the fabric of space-time and give rise to these theoretical phenomena.

These theoretical constructs propose a mechanism by which remote corners of the universe might be intricately linked through a shortcut. This concept raises the question: are wormholes real? It hints at the intriguing prospect of almost instantaneous journeys between distant locales, prompting us to consider whether these cosmic shortcuts could indeed exist.

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Are Wormholes Real? Is Travel Possible or Not?

According to the Polytechnique insights, Wormholes are often depicted as tunnels between black holes, raising questions: are wormholes real? In the classic view of general relativity (without quantum effects), crossing a wormhole without unusual events like time travel seems unlikely. If wormholes connect black holes with massive gravity, evading such gravity to pass through appears implausible.

To address this, physicists proposed “strong” quantum effects. Recent research by Juan Maldacena (Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton) and Xiao-Liang Qi (Stanford University) provides insight. They simplified the model to demonstrate constructing quantum states with “negative energy” that could yield a traversable wormhole. Negative energy, associated with the universe’s accelerated expansion, opposes gravity, potentially keeping a wormhole accessible. This adds to the exploration of the query: are wormholes real?

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