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Autopsy Reveals L.A. Model Maleesa Mooney’s Tragic Death: Found Bound and Beaten in Refrigerator

In a horrifying and unsettling development, fresh information about the untimely demise of Los Angeles-based model Maleesa Marie Mooney, 31, has surfaced from her autopsy report. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner’s report has now revealed the horrific circumstances surrounding her death, which is being described as “homicidal violence.”


On September 12, Mooney’s dead corpse was found at her residence in downtown Los Angeles. Her last moments have been depicted in graphic detail by the autopsy: she was discovered assaulted, handcuffed, and strangely crammed inside her own refrigerator. The shocking and enigmatic revelation came to light when Mooney’s mother phoned law authorities to request that her daughter be checked on, out of genuine worry for her wellbeing.

Additional testing revealed that Mooney had many blunt impact trauma injuries. An further layer of intricacy to the case was uncovered by toxicology tests done as part of the autopsy, which found residues of alcohol and cocaine in her system.

Although Mooney’s blunt force trauma injuries may not have been immediately fatal, the medical examiner’s findings stressed that Mooney’s death circumstances clearly suggest that she was engaged in a violent physical conflict prior to her passing. As such, it’s unclear how much of a part alcohol and narcotics played in her demise.

No one has been taken into custody in relation to Mooney’s case as of yet.

The facts of her death remain mostly unknown since the Los Angeles Police Department has not released any significant information about the inquiry.

The family of Maleesa Mooney has been dealing with the shock of her death, and Jourdin Pauline, her sister, revealed that Maleesa was two months pregnant when she passed away tragically. Pauline revealed that Maleesa was thrilled about the possibility of becoming a mother, which has caused the family even more pain.

The circumstances surrounding Mooney’s death have been unsettling; her flat betrayed traces of anguish and struggle. Pauline remembered the mess in the flat as she described the terrifying situation they saw when they arrived during the welfare check.

The family was already mourning, but the ripped carpet and missing refrigerator were unsettling reminders of what her sister had gone through.

The disturbing circumstance was made worse by the fact that Mooney’s passing was uncannily similar to the death of another model in the same downtown Los Angeles neighbourhood a few days prior. On September 10, Nichole Coats, 32, was discovered dead in her flat after family members became worried about her welfare.

According to the autopsy report that was later conducted, Coats’ cause of death was “cocaine and ethanol toxicity.” Authorities have declared that the two instances are unrelated, despite the disquieting parallels between them. The family and loved ones of Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats must deal with the upsetting riddles surrounding their premature and terrible deaths as the investigations into these two awful deaths continue.

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