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Baker Mayfield of the Buccaneers Submits a Petition to the Court to Investigate Potential Investment Theft of $12 million.

Baker Mayfield during practice. (Photo: Yahoo Sports)

Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily Mayfield have petitioned the Travis County Court District through their attorneys to learn more about the alleged embezzlement of $12 million by a regional investment firm.

Baker Mayfield and his wife. (Photo: Business Insider)

According to CBSSPORTS.COM, the petition demands that financial data dating back to 2018 be provided by the six defendants, including Camwood Capital Management Group and Camwood Ventures. More information about the whereabouts of Baker and Emily Mayfield’s $12 million investment during the previous five years is desired.

According to KXAN, the petition claims that “petitioners simply do not know whether their money has been properly and competently invested, has been stolen or otherwise misappropriated, or something in between.”

The Mayfields claim they’ve been “denied access to this information” and have made the decision to launch a more formal action to obtain openness. According to the petition, “it is too early to know” whether or not a lawsuit will be necessary. The Mayfields will decide that once they have more information about the circumstance.

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Clarification on the couple’s investment is sought in Mayfield’s petition. According to the Mayfields, they have been unable to get information about their investment.

According to Sporting News, the family believe that the petition is their greatest chance to obtain openness regarding the status of their investment and any potential rewards.

According to the petition, the family is currently considering whether to bring a formal lawsuit against the situation. The outcomes of this request for information should significantly aid the Mayfields in deciding what their next course of action will be.

Mayfield has a $22 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Over the course of his career, Mayfield has partnered with Progressive and Panini as well as Nike and Hulu, amassing a long list of endorsements. Over the course of his six-year career, Mayfield has made $52 million.

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