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Biden Supports Israel’s Stance on Gaza Hospital Blast

Biden Supports Israel's Stance on Gaza Hospital Blast
Biden Supports Israel's Stance on Gaza Hospital Blast

U.S. President Joe Biden recently stated during a visit to Israel that he agreed with Israel’s stance on the catastrophic explosion at a hospital in Gaza. The purpose of this tour was to discuss the humanitarian effects of the Israel-Hamas conflict and stop it from becoming worse and turning into a regional war. During their meeting, President Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the evidence he had seen related to the hospital explosion in Gaza City that left hundreds of people dead. Biden said that the evidence pointed to “the other team” as the culprit behind the explosion. The Israeli military had earlier in the day provided proof that the explosion was caused by an Islamic Jihad missile that misfired. The organization, nevertheless, disclaimed any liability for the occurrence.


President Biden’s trip was cancelled for the second phase, which was scheduled to include discussions with Arab leaders in Jordan, due to the sad occurrence at al-Ahli Arab hospital. Tensions in the area increased after the hospital explosion on Tuesday night.

The Israel Defence Forces refuted the first assertion made by the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry that the explosion was caused by an Israeli attack. Evidence presented by the IDF suggested that an Islamic Jihad missile misfired and landed in the hospital parking lot, causing the explosion. The densely populated civilian region was blamed for the high death toll.

Critics contend that Israel’s historical unwillingness to take accountability for civilian deaths has damaged Israel’s reputation. After first attributing the killing of an Al Jazeera reporter on Palestinian terrorists, Israel eventually admitted that an Israeli soldier could have been involved.

While in Israel, Biden conceded that the Israeli account of the hospital explosion was accurate, but he also said that persuading others would be challenging. He stressed how important it is to deal with the issues raised by the divergent accounts of what happened.

President Biden’s visit to Israel was intended to show support for the nation and dissuade possible participation from the Hezbollah group, which is sponsored by Iran and operates over the Lebanese border. It also aimed to tackle the humanitarian catastrophe that more than two million Palestinians in Gaza are experiencing as a result of continuous shelling and restricted access to basic supplies.

It is clear from Biden’s visit and conversations with Israeli officials how complicated the Middle East situation is and how urgently Gaza needs humanitarian aid. Tensions in the area have escalated due to protests over the ongoing controversy surrounding the hospital explosion. In addition to assuring Israel of his sustained support, Biden urged Israel to give civilian safety and humanitarian aid top priority in the battle.

There are continuous efforts to put a stop to hostilities and give the afflicted communities much-needed respite, but the situation in the Middle East is still unstable.

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