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Body of a Dead Boy Has Been Discovered After Being Hidden in a Trash Can for 8 Months by His Own Mother

Sushi Staples, who left her 10-year-old son's dead body in a garbage can

Body of a dead boy found in a trash can after 8 months

Body of a dead boy found in a trash can in Rock Island, Illinois

On July 26, Sushi Staples, 37, of Rock Island, Illinois, was taken into custody. Police discovered the dead body of a boy the following day.

After getting a tip from a neighbor, who claimed Staples made several odd comments about the boy to her confirming her fears that something was weird in the house, police were able to find the dead body of a boy [Zion Staples].

In a report published by Law & Crime, an Illinois woman who allegedly placed the body of a dead boy, which is her son, in a garbage can inside the garage of her home for 8 months has been charged with various offenses, including hiding the body of a dead boy.

Just a few days after, the start of the new year, Staples reportedly told her neighbor that “Christmas would never be the same.” Shortly thereafter, the neighbor contacted the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, or DCFS.

Despite the fact that no one, not even the boy’s mother, has been charged with the boy’s death, police have found the dead body of a boy suspicious. Last Monday, Staples was accused of impeding justice, failing to report a kid under the age of 13, and concealing dead body of a boy.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for August 15 and bail was set at $500,000. Staples will be represented by a public lawyer, according to police records.

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Authorities said that for the previous eight months, Staples had kept the dead body of a boy (Zion Staples) hidden in a garbage can within the garage

In a recently published article from KCRG, the house of Sushi Staples, the said mother of the discovered body of a dead boy, is located at 20½ Avenue, block 1700.

There was never any sign that something gruesome like putting the dead body of a boy inside a trash can could occur at the Stales home, according to neighbors Andre and Danielle Builta, who also spoke to the ABC-6. The pair claimed that everything appeared “really normal.”

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