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Brazilian Football Player, Neymar Jr. Talks About His and Lionel Messi’s Difficult Times at PSG


The Brazilian football player said that he was happy for Messi’s success at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year but he was also sad for their shared struggle in Paris.


Brazilian football player, Neymar Jr., claimed that he and former teammate Messi has “lived through hell” during their time together as PSG players. Both left Parc de Princes this summer after an unsuccessful spell together in France.


According to CBS Sports, the Brazilian football player, Neymar joined Al-Hilal for around $97 million this summer, while Lionel Messi rejected the Saudi Pro League to sign for Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami as a free agent. 


The Brazilian football player said that he was very for the year that Messi had but at the same time he was sad because Messi lived both sides of the coin. He said the both he and Messi had lived through hell when they were in Paris. 


The Brazilian football player and the Argentnian teamed up to win in the UEFA Champions League together with Barcelona back in 2015, but they were unable to do the same while they reunited as PSG players. Messi admitted to struggling during the time when he was with the French champions, while the Brazilian football player was hounded out of the club by supporters who grew hostile towards them.

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Despite criticism of his conduct and an inevitable injury during his Paris stint, the Brazilian football player still hopes to leave a lasting impression on the soccer world. The Brazilian football player said that he was very genuine throughout his career and has never been afraid to make any mistakes.


According to the Bleacher Report, the Argentinian and the Brazilian football player became the outlet for frustrated supporters. Messi was given a brief suspension after making an unautorized trip to Saudi Arabia, while Neymar had faced questions over his level of commitment.


For a section of the PSG supporters, Messi and Neymar symbolized the club’s ambitions beyond the pitch. The more and more PSG attempts to build itself as a global brand with marquee stars, it is risking to lose any local identity.


Now, both Neymar and Messi are far away from the French. Messi looks rejuvenated thanks to the change in scenery. While, the Brazilian football player will find life in Saudi Arabia.

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