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Cancer Rates on the Rise — New Study Shows

New Study shows an increase of cancer among young Americans

Study shows the increase of cancer rates on young adults


New Study shows an increase of cancer among young Americans

New study shows an increase of cancer rate among young adults

In a recently published article by, a new study shows higher rates of younger Americans with cancer. Health Editor Fred Bodimer found out more about the study with Dr. Salerno, an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine and Siteman Cancer Center

Dr. Salerno explains the cancer rates on rise for young adults are common among younger women in the 30-39 age group. She added that cancer rates on rise among young adults with cancer cases are being seen among the the populations of Hispanic, Pacific-Islander and Asian.

Dr. Salerno mentioned that the cancer rates on rise especially in breast cancer, that has been the overall increase as well as other obesity related cancers. She thinks the cancer rates on rise possible reasons are rising obesity rates, lack of inactivity and exposure to pollutants.

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The cancer rates on rise among young people was a surprise since cancer has traditionally been considered a disease of older individuals, ages 50 and up, but recent data shows cancer rates on rise in the incidence of cancer of various organs among patients younger than 50 years, known as early-onset cancer. These cancers affect a variety of organ systems, including the breast, colon and/or rectum, pancreas, head and neck, kidney, and reproductive organs.

The cancer rates on rise in early-onset cancers is most likely connected with the increasing incidence of obesity. Environmental exposures, such as smoke and gasoline, sleep patterns, physical activity, microbiota, and transient exposure to carcinogenic compounds, possible reason of the cancer rates on rise among young people.

This cancer rates on rise among young Americans study has strengths, that includes a large sample and detailed subgroup analyses by organ system and individual cancer sites. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mention that cancer rates on rise included ovarian cancer. The study of the also has limitations.

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