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China’s Military Spending: Checking the Facts

Clarifying China’s military spending.

The truth about China’s military spending. (Photo: iStock)

China’s military spending is a lot bigger than most would think.

A recently published article of American Enterprise Institution stated there have been a few things that are currently circulating the internet. They all tell how The US’ military spending dwarfs that of other nations, even when including two of the biggest rivals like China and Russia.

Despite the US’ military edge, the Defense Department has reported about China’s military spending. Stating that China has already achieved parity, even exceeding the United States in several modernization areas. THe question is, why are the leaders worried if the US is apparently outspending China?

The truth is that China’s military spending is much bigger than what it actually is. Senator Dan Sullivan took to the Senate floor about China’s military spending and revealed that intelligence officials said the real budget for China’s military spending, which was probably close to $700 billion dollars.

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It is flawed to take China’s military spending at face value.

China’s military spending has little to no transparency as official reports are narrow in detail. China’s military spending is divided into three categories of personnel, training and maintenance, and equipment. Furthermore, China’s military spending is blurred as their investments blur the line between military versus civilian hardware. China’s military spending are focused on shipbuilding, information, technology, and the aerospace industry. Areas where China is modernizing their military capability.

China’s military spending or budget has been increasing for the past 28 consecutive years, increasing by an average of 9 percent from the last decade, according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. China’s military spending compared to the US whose budget continues to shrink has made Pentagon leaders worried. If they ever want to correct the trends, they need to first make up for lost time and fully fund the US military.

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