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Christian Missionary Scams Exposed: $30 Million Used for Personal Gain from Donations

Photo: Learn Religions

Christian Missionary Scams Exposed: $30 Million Used for Personal Gain from Donations

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Georgia Man’s Christian Missionary Scams Collect $30 Million in Donations for Personal Use (Photo: Our Kingdom Culture)

IRS Seeks Man Involved in Christian Missionary Scams

According to Alternate, a shocking case of Christian missionary scams and financial misconduct has emerged from Georgia, where a man allegedly posed as a Christian missionary to misappropriate a staggering $30 million from faith-based charities and donors. As reported by the Christian Post, Jason Gerald Shenk, 45, pledged to donors that he would use their funds to produce and distribute Christian missionary materials in China. Yet, it appears these donations were redirected to shell corporations in Christian missionary scams. Consequently, Shenk may be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

According to Christian Post reports: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has designated Shenk as a fugitive and is actively pursuing him in connection with these Christian missionary scams. An unsealed federal indictment lists a range of charges that Shenk may potentially face, including wire fraud, international concealment money laundering, concealment money laundering, money laundering involving significant transactions, and failure to report a foreign bank account.

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Christian Missionary Scams – Millions Diverted to Gambling, Investments, and Luxury Goods

According to the Christian Post, the IRS has alleged that Jason Gerald Shenk engaged in Christian missionary scams by diverting donation funds meant for charitable purposes for his financial gain. This included substantial expenditures, such as paying approximately $1 million to a sports gambling site, investing around $850,000 in equity shares of a privately-held nuclear energy company, and making purchases totaling about $4 million in the form of 16 life insurance policies held in different individuals’ names.

Shenk’s spending extended to luxury items like diamonds, gold, and precious medals, financed through at least 10 personal credit cards, as well as real estate development in Santiago, Chile. Additionally, it was reported that funds were directed to Christian missionary scams in Shenk’s North Carolina-based business, Shenkland LLC.

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