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Climate Change Extreme Heat Belt — Bad for Health

Extreme heat makes air quality worse
Climate Change Extreme Heat Belt

Extreme heat makes air quality worse

Extreme heat makes air quality worse

Climate Change Extreme Heat Belt

Climate change makes air quality worse and it’s bad for your health

In a recent article published by NPR, this summer, daytime temperatures topped 100 degrees for a full month in Phoenix. In northwest China, temperatures soared above 125 degrees.

Heat waves illustrate a sobering reality: human-driven climate change extreme heat belt is worse worldwide. But health-threatening heat isn’t the only outcome of record-breaking weather: air pollution spikes when the climate change extreme heat belt rise according to a new report from the World Meteorological Organization.

WMO Secretary General Petteri Taalas said that climate change extreme heat belt and air quality cannot be treated separately. They go hand in hand and must be tackled together to break the vicious cycle. The new report, which focuses on 2022, highlights the growing risk of air pollution connected to wildfires. Climate change extreme heat belt increase the risk of large, hot-burning fires, which can pump enormous plumes of smoke into the air.

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Climate change extreme heat belt also drives up the likelihood of drought, which in turn makes big dust storms more likely. Enormous clouds of fine dust wafted off major deserts last year, particularly affecting the Arabian Peninsula region. Southern Europe also got hit by a major dust storm after the climate change extreme heat belt baked the deserts of northern Africa in the summer

Climate change extreme heat belt can cause greenhouse effect. Climate change extreme heat belt also encourage the development of ozone, a clear, odorless gas that irritates people’s lungs.

Climate change extreme heat belt worsen health problems like bronchitis or even heart conditions. Hot, stagnant air–exactly the conditions common during heat waves–makes ozone pollution worse. Climate change extreme heat belt in July of 2022 sent ozone concentrations across southern Europe well into unhealthy levels for weeks.

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