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Connecticut Owner Of The Land Claims A $1.5 Million House Is Being Constructed On His Undeveloped Property As A Result Of A False Transaction

Connecticut Owner Of The Land Claims A $1.5 Million House Is Being Constructed On His Undeveloped Property (Photo: iStock)


A real estate was sold without the permission of Connecticut owner of the land.

Connecticut Owner Of The Land Claims A $1.5 Million House Is Being Constructed On His Undeveloped Property (Photo: Depositphotos)

The Connecticut owner says that someone deceitfully sold land to a real estate developer for $1.5 million on the man’s property in Fairfield, without his consent.

In a report published by CNN Sport, according to a complaint filed on behalf of Daniel Kenigsberg the Connecticut owner last month, Kenigsberg the Connecticut owner claims that he and his family had long held the contested parcel of land, which he had kept undeveloped. Kenigsberg the Connecticut owner also accuses a local attorney of defrauding Sky Top Partners, a local company, by selling the land deed to them.

According to the lawsuit, Kenigsberg the Connecticut owner is asking that Sky Top Partners stop building and “remove any structures and/or materials” from the property, as well as that the land’s title be returned to Kenigsberg the Connecticut owner

Anthony Monelli, a local attorney, is charged with utilizing a fake power of attorney form to represent Kenigsberg the Connecticut owner and carry out the land sale, according to the lawsuit.

In a statement to CNN, Sky Top Partners’ lawyer, Jay Lawlor, said that the company was unaware that the deal was false and does not have a consent from the Connecticut owner.

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My client was shocked and disappointed to hear in May of last year that Dr. Kenigsberg the Connecticut owner had not actually sold it the property.

In a report published by WSILTV News 3, instead a third-party impersonated Dr. Kenigsberg the Connecticut owner and was able to list, market, and sell the house without anyone ever catching on because to the negligence and carelessness of the numerous real estate agents engaged in the transaction, according to Lawlor.

Although “hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested,” the attorney added, the house has only been half constructed.

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