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Courtroom Brawl Erupts in Texas as Murder Suspect Accepts Plea Deal in Teen Victim’s Case

Courtroom Brawl Erupts in Texas as Murder Suspect Accepts Plea Deal in Teen Victim's Case
Courtroom Brawl Erupts in Texas as Murder Suspect Accepts Plea Deal in Teen Victim's Case

A murder suspect in the case of the 16-year-old girl who was shot to death was taking a plea agreement when a dramatic courtroom scenario played out in Houston, Texas. The defendant, Frank DeLeon Jr., and the victim’s relatives got into a physical battle as a result of the emotional encounter. In court, Frank DeLeon Jr. entered a guilty plea to the 2022 shooting death of Diamond Alvarez, his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend. Alvarez was shot in the back 22 times in the sad occurrence, which left her family in a state of shock and rage.

A scuffle broke out in the courtroom during the victim impact statements when Anna Machado, the mother of Alvarez, called DeLeon a “monster.” FOX26 Houston was able to get courtroom video evidence of Machado leaving the stand and approaching DeLeon before a bailiff intervened to place her under arrest. A second family member charged at DeLeon, starting a violent fight that left both of them on the ground. The mothers of Machado and DeLeon also took part in the altercation.

Court security moved swiftly to break up the families and bring peace back to the courtroom. The strong feelings on exhibit highlighted the victim’s family’s tremendous grief and rage.

Later on, Machado talked to reporters about the altercation and expressed her intense rage at DeLeon. She further said that he had made fun of her during the proceedings, which made her even more upset. Machado called DeLeon a “monster” in her eyes and stressed that her daughter’s life was not a joke. She emphasised how terrible and inappropriate his seeming lack of regret was.

In addition, Machado apologised for the courtroom incident and said that their actions were motivated by rage and a strong desire to have her kid back. She apologised to the judge and the other party in the case, expressing sorrow for the altercation.

When Diamond Alvarez found out that DeLeon was seeing another female romantically in January 2022, it was a devastating event. Alvarez agreed to meet him at a park close to her house despite the circumstances. She was shot and died while walking her dog during this incident.

The heartbreaking courtroom scenario is a potent reminder of the long-lasting effects such heinous crimes have on the victims’ family and loved ones.

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