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CTU President Confirms Her Son Will Be Attending Private High School

CTU President
CTU President slammed for sending her son to private school

CTU president Davis Gates has been quoted in the past as denouncing school choice

CTU President

CTU President slammed for sending her son to private school

Chicago Teachers Union president’s son will be attending private high school

In a recent article published by, CTU President Davis Gates has been quoted in the past as denouncing school choice – a phrase that broadly means allowing families to use public money for private schools because of the impact it would have on minority families that rely on public education. Her union members teach within the taxpayer-funded Chicago Public Schools system.

In a letter circulated by email Thursday, CTU President Davis Gates said their family live on the West Side or South Side and the CTU president don’t have the type of options afforded white residents who live on the city’s North Side or in the suburbs.

The CTU president said that their situation forced them to send their son in private high school, after years of attending public school so he could live out his dream of being a soccer player while also having a curriculum that can meet his social and emotional needs, even as his two sisters remain in Chicago Public Schools, CTU president Davis Gates added.

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CTU President Stacy Davis Gates pushed back on Thursday against recent online attacks following the CTU president revelations that she enrolled her eldest child at a Catholic high school despite her stated opposition of public funds being allocated to private schools.

CTU president Davis Gates’ enrollment of her teenager in a private Chicago school this year was confirmed and reported by NBC Chicago on Thursday after days of questions that went unanswered by CTU President Davis Gates and the CTU. NBC Chicago is not naming the school nor the name of CTU president Davis Gates’ child out of respect for the family’s privacy.

As of Thursday evening, neither CTU President Davis Gates nor the CTU has responded directly to NBC Chicago for comment. CTU President Davis Gates did issue a statement.

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