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Dangerous Cities in Oklahoma (2023) – What You Need to Know


Here is a list of some of the dangerous cities in Oklahoma.

A list of Oklahoma’s dangerous cities. (photo:

The state of Oklahoma wasn’t always about their mountains and boats. A century ago, Oklahoma was known as the Dust Bowl of the US. Luckily, with new technology, the dust attacking the residents is no longer a threat. The dust, however, is not the only threat that the citizens of the state has to deal with. Today, we will travel and see some of the dangerous cities in Oklahoma for 2023.


Travel Safe-Abroad has compiled their list of the dangerous cities in Oklahoma for this year, 2023


1. OKLAHOMA CITY. This is the first in the list of dangerous cities in Oklahoma. The founders of Oklahoma loved the state that they had to name a city after it. However, this is just not any city. Oklahoma city today has about 650,000 citizens. A city with this population attracts many criminal activities. The crime rate in this city is 93% higher than other cities of the same size.

2. DEL CITY. Del City is the second in today’s list of dangerous cities in Oklahoma. While this city has a smaller population than Oklahoma city with 22,000 residents. There are almost 100 more property crimes a year here than the Oklahoma City. As for violent crime, this city just hit under 800 a year per 100,000 people.

3. MUSKOGEE. The third in this list of dangerous cities in Oklahoma is Muskogee. This city is about an hour away from Oklahoma City. Out of 100,000 people, 786 violent crimes were committed, and about 5,000 property crimes.

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Generally speaking, Oklahoma is safe. The small towns in the state are keeping things safe for residents and travelers.

4. PONCA CITY. Ponca City is the fourth in the list of dangerous cities in Oklahoma. This mid sized city’s property crime is still ranked as the 7th worst in the state. However, their violent crimes have significantly dropped in the recent years, and has seen progress.

5. PAUL’S VALLEY. This is the fifth in the list of dangerous cities in Oklahoma. This city in Oklahoma is slowly dwindling as there are only 5,900 people that call this city their home. Maybe it’s because the crime rate in Paul’s Valley is 49 for every 1,000 residents. The chances of being a victim of crime 1 in 21 also does not help this city.

6. SHAWNEE. This is the last in the dangerous cities in Oklahoma. This historic city is located at the middle of Oklahoma. This city may seem like a quaint town with stories to tell, but a portion of these stories would be about the dangers of Shawnee. The crime rate here is 113% above national average. 

Oklahoma is generally safe, however, if you look at the state as a whole, there is a lot of crime going one. Maybe because big cities attract crimes. Now that you have read this list of dangerous cities in Oklahoma, it is best to be careful if ever you want to visit the state. 

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