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Domestic Violence Charges Against Ohio Lawmaker

Ohio state representative
Ohio state representative has been arrested for domestic violence

A state representative has been arrested for a second time in the domestic violence

Ohio state representative

Ohio state representative has been arrested for domestic violence

State representative in Ohio has been arrested for domestic violence for the second time

In a recent article published by Raw Story, authorities arrested a Republican state representative in Ohio for violating a protective order — while awaiting trial for a prior arrest for domestic violence.

Republican Representative Bob Young was arrested for domestic violence charges, and a warrant was issued Monday, with him being booked into the Summit County Jail hours later, according to jail records. It has been said that this is the second time Rep. Young was arrested for domestic violence charges.

State Rep. Bob Young of Green, R-32nd, was charged in July on misdemeanor counts for domestic violence charges and assault from an alleged disagreement at his home. He now faces a new domestic violence charges, violating a protection order.

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Young is accused of domestic violence charges by authorities as he hurt his wife and attacked his brother during a family dispute at their home. The act of the accused leads to domestic violence charges and disrupting public services. Young admitted that he undervalued Christ on the night he allegedly attacked his family.

Before the arrest, Young, who is on his second term in the Ohio House of Representatives, had cut an ad with the state Republican Party accusing his Democratic opponent, Matt Shaughnessy, of domestic violence charges himself. Shaughnessy, who has never been arrested with domestic violence charges, is currently suing Young for $1 million over the ad.

Despite the domestic violence charges, Young is resisting calls to resign. Republican House Speaker Jason Stephens has urged him to step down because of the domestic violence charges, while other Republican colleagues are standing by the lawmaker.

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