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EBT Card Skimming Among SNAP Accounts — Officials Warn Nebraskans

EBT card skimming
Protect you SNAP benefits from scams

Officials warn Nebraskans of EBT card skimming

EBT card skimming

Protect you SNAP benefits from scams

EBT card skimming attack among SNAP benefits recipients

In a recent article published by SiouxlandPround, officials are letting people know about card skimming attacks that may have affected Nebraskans with SNAP benefits and EBT cards. According to a release from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

The DHHS has become aware of EBT Card skimming activities. The SNAP electronic benefit transfer or EBT cards will be compromised with the EBT Card skimming attacks. The release defines skimming as the illegal placement of devices in card reading terminals that capture secret information and steal from the victims.

According to the news release, the EBT Card skimming activities includes 99% of unauthorized purchases comes outside the state of Nebraska. The cardholders are encouraged to register their EBT card and block out-of-state transactions to stop this EBT Card skimming.

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The officials give the beneficiaries the precautions to avoid falling victim to EBT Card skimming. The beneficiaries are advised to change their PIN often and to stop using common pins to avoid EBT Card skimming. Beneficiaries are encouraged not share your PIN with anyone because EBT Card skimming usually targeted the PIN of your EBT card.

Officials added the following precautions to avoid EBT Card skimming. Beneficiaries are advised to cover the keypad when entering their PIN. Also, they need to check their account always to check for any suspicious transactions that might be part of EBT Card skimming. They are advised to download the FIS ebtEDGE app, create an account, and tp register their card, this is to avoid being a victim of EBT Card skimming.

Anyone who may be affected by the scam is urged to contact DHHS by calling one of the following:

  • (402) 323-3900 Lincoln
  • (402) 595-1258 Omaha
  • (402) 471-7256 TDD
  • (800) 383-4278 Toll-Free Number

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