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ER Doctor Misdiagnosed Brain Tumor — Thought it’s a Viral Infection

Brain Tumor symptoms in children
Brain Tumor symptoms in children

Viral infection turns out as brain tumor

Brain Tumor symptoms in children

Brain Tumor symptoms in children

Mother reported doctor misdiagnosed her son for viral infection

In a recent article published by New York Post, a woman from England is giving a warning to other parents after her son ended up paralyzed from a brain tumor — doctors initially believed his symptoms were from a virus.

Keiley Ebbs, 38, noticed that her son Jett, 6, had been vomiting and was constantly crying about pain he in both his arms and legs. Keiley said that her son was also exhibiting clumsiness and would walk into walls. The ER doctor misdiagnosed the illness and said it was a viral infection. She believed her son had a brain tumor, but because the ER doctor misdiagnosed her son’s illness, they kept on going back to the hospital.

After seven trips to the emergency room, where the ER doctor misdiagnosed it with viral infection, she pushed doctors for a CT scan. It was then that they found a brain tumor that was traveling down his spine and her gut feeling that the ER doctor misdiagnosed her son’s condition was all true.

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After her son’s first surgery, even after ER doctor misdiagnosed his condition, Jett underwent 11 more procedures, including craniotomy and shunt surgeries. The ER doctor misdiagnosed cause the delayed, and by this point, the tumor had wrapped around Jett’s spine and he could no longer move his legs.

The doctors are unable to give a prognosis for her son, at least not the ER doctor misdiagnosed the illness to viral infection. Ebbs said Jett keeps his positivity through it all. Ebbs is urging other parents to push for answers if they feel something is wrong with their child. The ER doctor misdiagnosed can lead to her son’s death.

She warns other parents not to ignore any warning signs, even if the ER doctor misdiagnosed your illness or condition. She added, we should not think of ourselves as overprotective parent. Instead to push forward if we think there is something wrong like what happened after the ER doctor misdiagnosed her son’s illness.

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