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Florida Grandmother Charged After Infant Grandson’s Tragic Death from Medication Overdose

Florida Grandmother Charged After Infant Grandson's Tragic Death from Medication Overdose
Florida Grandmother Charged After Infant Grandson's Tragic Death from Medication Overdose

Tibina Louissant, a grandmother from Florida, was charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child after her 11-month-old grandson Josiah Fenelus passed away tragically. The event happened in August 2022, and new information has revealed a troubling case of purported pharmaceutical overdose.

Officers were called to a residence in Oakland Park, Florida, on August 21, 2022, regarding a newborn named Josiah Fenelus who was not responding. Sadly, the youngster was declared dead when they got to the hospital. The police conducted a comprehensive investigation as a result.

The Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office discovered an astounding finding in October of 2022. According to their study, Josiah’s system had a “lethal concentration of the powerful antihistamine cyproheptadine”. A doctor’s prescription is the only way to lawfully deliver the medicine cyproheptadine. Its main usage is as an antihistamine, however it can also be used cosmetically and to suppress appetite.

Baby bottles discovered in Louissant’s home contained cyproheptadine, as determined by toxicology tests earlier this year. Consequently, the investigators concluded that Josiah was killed in a murder and that “cyproheptadine toxicity” was the cause of death.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit then placed Louissant under arrest because she claimed to be Josiah’s only carer at the time of the crime. She was freed after posting a $50,000 bail.

This is a sad and alarming instance that emphasises the significance of appropriate medicine administration and safeguarding youngsters who are susceptible. As the judicial proceedings progress, further information about this tragic event can become available.

Please be aware that this article just offers a cursory summary of the circumstances; as the case moves forward, more information may become available.

Tibina Louissant’s imprisonment serves as a reminder of the duty carers have to protect children’s safety and wellbeing. Medications should always be administered according to medical advice and should be kept out of the reach of newborns, especially those that are not meant for them. The amount of Louissant’s role in this unfortunate tragedy will be revealed via the judicial process, but for now, the priority is still paying tribute to little Josiah Fenelus and fighting for the safety of children in our communities.

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