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Florida Man Uses Chainsaw to Dismember His 80-Year-Old Wife, Human Remains Found in Multiple Bags

William Lowe
Florida man William Lowe murdered his wife using a chainsaw. (Photo: WMAT)

A Florida man was charged and arrested for brutally murdering his wife using a chainsaw and dismembered body was found in multiple bags.

William Lowe

Florida man William Lowe murdered his wife using a chainsaw. (Photo: WMAT)

Florida Man Was Charged and Arrested

A Florida man was charged with first-degree murder and was arrested after he brutally murdered his 80-year-old wife using a chainsaw. Police authorities identified the suspect as William Lowe and the victim as  Aydil Barbosa Fontes. They have been married for 15 years.

In a published article in FOX News, an autopsy revealed that the Florida man shot his wife in the head but investigators still need to determine when she was shot. Det. Mike Liberta also revealed that they recovered the gun used in committing the crime.

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Florida Man Used Chainsaw in Dismembering the Body Parts of His Wife

According to a published article in CNN News, police authorities discovered the chainsaw that the Florida man used in dismembering the body parts of his wife and put them inside the multiple bags. The bloodied chainsaw was found with human hair on the saw.

Additionally, investigators revealed that they found the house of the Florida man with blood spatter in the living room, dining room, bathrooms, master bedroom, and hallway.

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