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“Former ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Proclaims Innocence in Wife’s Murder”

"Former 'Family Feud' Contestant Proclaims Innocence in Wife's Murder"
"Former 'Family Feud' Contestant Proclaims Innocence in Wife's Murder"

Timothy Bliefnick, a former “Family Feud” competitor, maintains his innocence after receiving a life sentence for the murder of his estranged wife, Rebecca “Becky” Postle Bliefnick. Recently, during an interview from a jailhouse for CBS’s “48 Hours,” Bliefnick adamantly declared, “I did not murder Becky.”

"Former 'Family Feud' Contestant Proclaims Innocence in Wife's Murder"

“Former ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Proclaims Innocence in Wife’s Murder”

When Bliefnick was found guilty earlier this year in Quincy, Illinois, on two charges of first-degree murder and one count of home invasion, the plan was to file an appeal. Casey Schnack, his defence lawyer, contended that the prosecution’s case against him was “dripping with sympathy” and “lacking in any hard evidence.”

It became clear throughout the trial that there was insufficient DNA evidence to connect Bliefnick to the crime scene. Schnack said that although Bliefnick could not be ruled out as the source of the DNA discovered at the scene and beneath Postle Bliefnick’s fingernails, it was just as possible that Bliefnick or one of his sons was the parent of the sample.

The sample was “three times more likely to have come from [Bliefnick] or a male relative from the defendant’s lineage,” according to the prosecution. Schnack drew attention to the fact that no hard evidence connected Bliefnick to the crime, even though his shoes did not match a footprint discovered at the scene.

Shortly before the murder, a person was seen entering and exiting Postle Bliefnick’s home on surveillance footage captured by a neighbor’s camera. The intruder’s actions were questioned by the prosecution, who claimed that the burglar purposefully used a second-floor window as a site of access when there were alternative options. Schnack retorted, saying that Bliefnick was not the person shown on camera.

Shell shells discovered at the site were connected by ballistics testing to a handgun Postle Bliefnick had given her husband, although Bliefnick said he hadn’t seen the weapon in three years. Bliefnick’s failure to respond to some of his own internet searches raised questions about his motivations.

In the terrible case, prior to the murder, Bliefnick and Postle Bliefnick had filed restraining orders against one another. Postle Bliefnick had voiced worries about her spouse, but she maintained that these problems were a result of their divorce.

Bliefnick maintains his innocence throughout the court dispute, citing his love for his kids and the anguish of being taken away from them. There are differing accounts of the events leading up to the murder, therefore the case is still under dispute.

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