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Former Russian President Dreams of Negotiation and Freezing the War in Ukraine

Russian President
Vladimir Putin - President of Russia

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine to freeze the war

Russian President

Vladimir Putin – President of Russia

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dreams of negotiation between Russia and Ukraine

In a recent article published by, Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, began to dream that sooner or later, the West would start begging Russia for negotiations and freezing the war in Ukraine.

Former Russian President on Telegram, said that it will take some time but the Former Russian President is hoping that Western government will change, its elites will get tired and beg for negotiations and freeze the conflict.

Former Russian President once again began to reassure himself, posting that the West will never go beyond what starts harming its interests too much. And the war waged by Russia against Ukraine will become boring, costly and irrelevant, the Former Russian President added.

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Dmitry Medvedev, Former Russian President, has warned that Moscow’s confrontation with the West will last decades and that its conflict with Ukraine could become permanent. Former Russian President was once seen as one of Russia’s most direct in expressing his opinion since Moscow’s special military operation in Ukraine last year.

Former Russian President did not specifically said that West should start begging for negotiations, but Former Russian President began to call for the destruction of Ukraine, even if it took decades. Former Russian President added that they will either destroy their hostile political regime, or the collective West will eventually tear Russia apart.

Former Russian President once again called the Russian aggression against Ukraine an existential conflict and demanded that Russia fully control Ukraine.

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