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Former San Francisco Airport Employee Convicted of Murder in Romantic Jealousy Case

San Francisco Airport Shooting Incident

The conviction of former San Francisco airport employee Kevin Prasad for the murder of Mark Mangaccat, which was driven by Prasad’s romantic jealousy and rejection by a co-worker.

Former San Francisco Airport Employee, Kevin Prasad, aged 37, has been pronounced guilty of taking the life of his co-worker’s boyfriend, whom he had a romantic interest in. (Photo: People)

Former San Francisco Airport Employee Convicted of Murder

Kevin Prasad, a former San Francisco Airport employee, has been found guilty of first-degree murder and lying in wait. The conviction came last week, bringing closure to a tragic chapter in the lives of those involved.

The victim, Mark Mangaccat, met a tragic end as a result of Prasad’s unrequited love for a co-worker. The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office announced the verdict, shedding light on the disturbing events that led to this conviction.

Kevin Prasad, then 37 years old, had spent several months relentlessly pursuing a romantic relationship with a co-worker who happened to be in a relationship with Mangaccat. Fox San Francisco reported that Prasad’s advances were consistently rebuffed by the co-worker, adding complexity to the unfolding drama. To complicate matters further, the couple shared a child.

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Tragic Shooting at San Francisco Airport Claims Life of Innocent Victim

As stated in the article of Yahoo News, Prasad confronted Mangaccat upon arrival and opened fire at close range, tragically ending Mangaccat’s life. His family was left devastated by this senseless act of violence, made even more heart-wrenching by the fact that Mangaccat had just picked up his girlfriend from her final day at work at the airport.

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